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ebra Kaatz

Hello, I’m Debra Kaatz.
I have worked for over forty years with Plant Spirits, Five Element Acupuncture, Sacral-Cranial touch, Astrology, Energy Temples and Healing Prayers.

About me

I live in Cornwall where I work each day to bring peace, healing and harmony to the earth including growing trees from seeds. I teach, give healing sessions, write and garden. I also have a small craft workshop where I make stone jewellery, stuffed toys, magic candles, flower essences, embroidery, patchwork and special creations. If you are down this way feel free to drop in.


All books are available on Amazon.co.uk in kindle format.
The Art of Acupuncture, Sacral-Cranial Touch, Plant Spirits and the Cosmos, and Characters of Wisdom are also available in hardback and can be ordered directly from me.

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The Art of Acupuncture, Sacral-Cranial Touch, Plant Spirits and the Cosmos

How to use energy to transform ourselves and the earth we live on into places of peace, respect, tranquillity and vibrant vitality.

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Characters of Wisdom and the Taoist Tales of the Acupuncture Points

A poetic description of the Chinese characters of the acupuncture points and their energetic power.

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The Alchemical Path

Describes the way of the Tao through ancient texts and how life can expand into immortality.

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Receiving Spirit, the Practice of Five Element Acupuncture

Explains the use of acupuncture points and five element protocols.

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Plant Spirits

Describes the healing energies in plants and how they are used to expand our spirits.

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Bringing Light into the World

Tells of various spiritual journeys through the world.

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Holly House

Is a novel of Cornwall and seasonal earth ceremonies.

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Sufi Tales

In this book are many wonderful stories adapted from the famous Sufi storyteller, Rumi.

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24 Christmas Stories

24 stories for the young at heart.


Throughout the year I give workshops on Acupuncture, Plant Spirits, and Sacral-Cranial Touch.
Please email for information.